A Better History Of Our World

Vol. 1, "The Universe"

ISBN 978-3-8311-1490-0, Softcover, 188 p. (2001), 15,80  €


Vol. 2, "Life"

ISBN 978-3-8311-2597-5, Softcover, 236 p. (2002), 17,80  €


Vol. 3, "Death"

ISBN 978-3-936624-01-4, Softcover, 276 p. (2003), 19,80 €

This third volume of the trilogy is not available anymore.

It is completly replaced by the book "Nobody Ever Dies!"


Even today our world is still a great mystery


Many scientists think that we are nearing the end of

possible discoveries and believe that they have solved the

world's puzzles with their purely materialistic theories.


However, closer examination shows that the "proof"

they present is not always entirely conclusive.

The author, is himself a doctor and, due to his own very diverse

experiences over many years has remained critical of all dogma,

especially scientific ones; he portrays in three volumes

an alternative view of our world, which takes, of course,

all really confirmed knowledge into account.


Volume 1 deals with the basic principles of our universe,

Volume 2 deals with "Life"

and Volume 3 with "Death".


In an exciting and fascinating manner, yet still easy to read,

a large number of scientific, philosophical and religious ideas

are broached.


His "Better History of Our World" leads to a

comprehensive synthesis of all those sciences which

deal with theories of knowledge.