Non-fiction Book-Series
in English and German:


"Lectures & Insights - Vorträge & Einsichten"


Vol. 2 (only in English)




ISBM 978-3-936624-47-2,  (SC) 56p. (2020) 5,00 €

(only English)





Our world, the entire universe, simply everything of which

we are only a small but nevertheless important part of

an incredibly large whole, certainly stems from one single source!


From time immemorial we have been asking

metaphysical questions, such as:


How can there be a creative intelligence?

Is there a God or whatever we want to call "him+her+it"?

Is there a spirit, a "spiritual dimension"?

And, of course, does our life end with death?

Has an individual a free will? What is our "Self"?

Was our universe really created by a Big Bang?


These questions and many more will probably occupy

all of our minds somehow at some time or other.


Natural sciences and religions have often given us diverse,

in many cases even mutually excluding arguments.

Natural sciences and related fields

currently still mainly adhere to notions

which are reduced to materialism (naturalism).


In these notions "God" or a "brain-independent spirit" have just

as little place as our "Self" and an at least basic "free will",

not to speak of a belief in a survival of death

which is at best smiled at as "naïve romanticism".


Based on a recent lecture, the author, physician and university professor

once again suggests in this book, that such notions reduced

solely to materialism are antiquated.