Key to Eternity


ISBN 978-3-8311-0344-7, Softcover, 256 p. (2000), 17,80  €


Everywhere in our universe we find some special numbers which determine and control the whole world at very decisive positions.

Besides, scientists have recognized that Life is only possible

in very sharp limits for their existential conditions.


On one hand the author will show, that our world follow easy mathematical rules and some special number relations. Mathematics gives a real existent plan for the universe, so that it is the true basis of all natural sciences.

Life and Death are not just more or less regular products

of complex organic matter.


Life and Spirit are, as well as Mathematics, immaterial spiritual principles.

They directly lead us to a transcendental creator of all: that means to God.

The acceptance of the real existence of a spiritual dimension and the understanding of their universal rules of organization show with no doubt that the individual human spirit will survive his physical death –

it certainly must.


With his book the author looks for a plausible synthesis of all religious, philosophical and natural scientific world-outlooks.

This book deals with all of these cardinal questions of human existence in a very entertaining and fascinating way.