Nobody Ever Dies!


ISBN 978-3-936624-03-8, Softcover (SC), 272 p., (2005), 24,80 €

ISBN 978-3-936624-22-9, E-Book (2013)


Our world is surely an integrated whole!


Therefore, we should not study the knowledge of the various (natural) sciences and the perceptions of religions and philosophy in isolation,

or even arrogantly ignore some of them.


Neither should we reject seemingly reputable borderline experiences

and inexplicable phenomena, or ridicule them merely

because they do not fit into our way of thinking.


If we are serious about discovering the truth behind our world,

we should not a priori close our minds to any of these perspectives.


Only then might it be possible to form a comprehensive,

overall and integrative view of the world.


This is why the author ventures to see the world from a completely different, new and alternative viewpoint. In so doing he arrives at the imperative consequence that, in fact, our death is only a physical death.

Our real self, our own unique individual personality lives on

unchanged after our "death".


Those who die are not really dead!


The author has been a practising orthopaedic specialist and university lecturer for many years. He based his conviction, which has grown over many years, on a number of very substantial arguments while never forgetting to look further and beyond the various limited fields of science.


Last, but not least, he wants to yield hope and comfort especially to those people who are afraid of their own death or who are confronted

with the death of a beloved person.