Non-fiction Book-Series

in English and German:


"Lectures & Insights - Vorträge & Einsichten"


Vol. 1 (as "Upside-Down-Book" in

English and German in one volume)



"Dying and Death from a Scientific Point of View"


ISBN 978-3-936624-41-0

 Softcover (2018), 5,00 €


Available around September 10, 2018




Is there a God? Is there a spirit?

Does our life end with death or

will there be something beyond?

And if yes, what?


These and many other questions occupy all our minds

 at some time or other!


The author ventures to see the world from a completely different, integrative and alternative viewpoint.


In so doing he arrives at the imperative consequence that,

in fact, our death is only a physical death.


Our real self, our own unique individual personality

 lives on unchanged after our "death".