Our Key To Eternity (Novel)



ISBN 978-3-936624-18-2

Softcover (SC), 308 p. (2016) 18,00 €

E-Book: ISBN 978-3-936624-31-1 (2016)


Short summary:


Christian Schneider is a world-famous physicist.

 His ideas about "God and the world"

 naturally correspond with current mainstream thinking.

 He is married, has three adult children and

 lives in a traditional, upper-middle class, intact world.


 But appearances are deceptive; not everything is as it appears,


and a few things seem to be completely different from how he expects them to be. Quite unexpectedly, Christian finds

himself confronted with major problems. 


 Following a severe stroke of fate, which severely endangers

his very existence, he sets out on an extraordinary

 and fascinating journey into an unimaginably strange world, where he gradually learns to call his entire

worldview into question.


 Sustained by unconditional love, he gains completely new and far-reaching insights into the cornerstones of his life

 and that of all human beings.


 His opinions about matter and spirit,

 space and time, mankind and animals, men and women,

sin and punishment, life and death,

 and not least his opinions about 'God' are radically changed.