ISBN 978-3-936624-52-6

(SC) 120 p. (2022) 12 €




Is our world,


as we get it communicated today,


really like that?



Don't just throw scientific knowledge of our time


more questions than they can answer?



Isn't it like that scientific notions


often more objective on subjective interpretations


based on knowledge than on the knowledge itself?



Do not even decide often just beliefs


of the modern zeitgeist, how we should see our world?



Is there no place for God anymore,


for a brain independent mind


and for life after death?



 The author is a medical specialist and university professor.


After decades of intensive research,


he conveys a thoroughly well-founded and yet


alternative view of our world.



 As a result, he comes to the conclusion:


There are facts that are bigger than our entire universe!