Lectures & Insights


Vol. 3

(and second "Upside-Down-Book":

German and English in one volume)


Call for Reflection:

Corona and New Wars - How can Mankind survive?


ISBN 978-3-936624-56-4

 Softcover (2022), 8,00 €





Is there a God? Is there a spirit?


Does our life end with death or


will there be something beyond?


And if yes, what?


These and many other questions occupy all our minds


at some time or other!



The author ventures to see the world from a completely


different, integrative and alternative viewpoint.


In so doing he arrives at the imperative consequence that,


in fact, our death is only a physical death.


Our real self, our own unique individual personality


lives on unchanged after our "death".



However, this means that every individual will have


to face significant consequences which will have long lasting effects.


And every individual would be well advised to get prepared


in the "Here and Now" and act accordingly.



The Corona pandemic and new wars could extinguish mankind


to a large extent and, what is more, self-induced by humans.


It seems that only a paradigm shift could prevent this

worst-case scenario.